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An Honest Liar: James Randi

Here is an upcoming film that I am exceptionally excited about. James Randi, on the one hand is one of the greatest “magicians” of our lifetime- yet he is also different. He has always been very honest about what he was doing, meaning, he would tell the audience that he was going to trick them and then do it. Which is, of course, quite different from the majority of “magicians” out there. Aside from his entertainment part, Mr. Randi, decades before people like, Hawkins, HItchens and so on, Mr. Randi’s “Calling” so to say was to debunk liars & thieves, people he thought were exploiting people’s ignorance for money. That includes predominately, faith healers and so on. In his lifetime, he’s made a fair share of enemies because of this, but also powerful supporters.

This movie is about the great, great James Randi, watch the trailer here.

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