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Denim, the never ending story. Seemingly, for as long as I can remember new and old denim brands come out all claiming some sort of heritage and this that and the other. You all know what I mean. Personally, I’ve worked in and around the denim industry since 1997 and whilst I am far away from having seen it all, I’ve seen some and mostly it all leaves me pretty uninterested. I remember the last vintage raw denim surge around 97/98 when Japanese Denim’s where all the rage and admittedly I jumped right on board. There is no denying that the last 4 years have been really interesting the denim world, with more attention being paid to US heritage companies – but, really, aside from it being a knee jerking trend, there hasn’t really been any depth to it.

As far as I am concerned, too many independent and corporate brands have only paid attention to the marketing of their product- heritage this, original fit that, made in the US here etc etc. When, really, the most important thing about a pair of jeans is this: do they fit?

Granted, for anyone even mildly interested there are other contributing factors that come into the equation of buying a pair of jeans, what kind of denim was used, where are they made, selvedge / non-selvedge and so on, but if you really think about it,what will make you buy a pair of jeans comes down to how they fit you. I have a lot of jeans lying around that on paper sound incredible, but they don’t fit me, regardless if the patch size they’re my size. Again, granted, I am really prick when it comes to my fits. The slightest error in my book, especially when it comes to the leg shapes, and I won’t wear it.

Then there is the debate of raw vs. washed denims. Now, I am not a denim purist. As a matter of fact I don’t particularly like raw denim. I am not patient enough to wear a pair of jeans for years to get them soft and comfortable, and also, I really couldn’t care less to be wholly individual in my denim choice – really, that’s a marketing ploy we all ate up to easily. Fact is, I work at a desk and my hobbies don’t involve working in a mine, so “wearing in” my raw denims can easily take a few years. I am, however, purist enough that I won’t wear a non-selvedge denim, and that’s really been the crux with pre-washed denims. Up until maybe 2 years ago when Edwin started bringing good washed selvedge denims on to the market, I was kind of screwed. Furthermore, I have never really come across a pair of raw denims that fit me perfectly in the first 2 years, afterwards, sure, but not in the wear-in period, and if that is 2 years long, well, quite frankly, I will end up not wearing the jeans. I know I’m inpatient. So I wrote off raw denims and stuck to my rather nice selvedge washed denims from Edwin.

Not that this story has anything to do with Tellason, but, through mutual friends , Tony and Pete at Tellason had heard of my refusal of raw denims and they sent me a pair to try out.  To cut a much too long intro short and to prove my point, the raw jeans they sent me fit perfectly, and I mean, perfectly. They fit so well that I almost forgot that they were raw denims. Surprisingly, the denim they are using is a lot softer than what I was used and added to the fit, that’s what sold me.

I spoke to Tony and Pete the last few days and happily we found a lot that we are on a similar wave length- and out of those few emails, comes a nice interview with them. I wanted them to tell me their story, how they got to the point of starting Tellason and their everyday inspiration, to why they make their jeans in the US and how they got that damn good fit.

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  2. awesome stuff man! i’ve been wearing tellasons for close to five months now, and i love mine! the cone denim fades very unique and they’re so damn soft and comfortable right when you put ‘em on!

    written by ryan on 21. Oct, 2010

  3. Hey,
    Just to let you guys know that you can get a pair of Tellason ‘John Graham Mellor’ jeans for half the money by contributing to a new Joe Strummer film via crowdfunding:


    Thankyou to fellow Clash fans Tellason for the generous donation!

    written by Nick on 03. Oct, 2012

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