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Levi’s Made & Crafted


A few months ago, news broke that Levi’s was relocating their infamous Levi’s Vintage Division to Amsterdam. Not only did the relocation seemingly invigorate this much beloved division within Levi’s but it also brought with it a series of changes in regards to the structure of how LVC was dealt with internally and externally. In a unprecedented move by such a large company, a new division was created, called Levi’s XX, which was geographically separated by the company at large. In any large corporate structure it makes sense to physically remove these image driven divisions, sadly, centralization is still the key word for many brands.

What intrigued me more than then actual re-structuing and creation of this new division though was the second part of the press release: the creation of a new “brand” within the Levi’s XX division. Whenever someone like Levi’s creates a new line associated with their premium division you pay attention because they have the heritage and prowess to attract some of the best and most talented people in the industry to come and work for them. This new brand within the Levi’s XX division is called “Made & Crafted”. When the trade show season rolled through last January and with the help of some friends involved in XX I booked an appointment to see the collection. At first glance I liked the general aesthetic but quickly realized that behind the comfortable minimalism and muteness of Made & Crafted a whole level of intellectualism hovered beyond the visual nature of my visit. I was happily introduced to one of the designers who kindly took an hour to go through the collection piece by piece.

Out that initial visit and then countless emails and conversations I put together this following interview with the design team of Made & Crafted.

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  2. Wonderful! Thoroughly enjoyable article.

    written by Llywarch on 19. Apr, 2010

  3. Fantastic article.

    written by Couchie on 24. Apr, 2010

  4. Great article. I really appreciate the insight into the brand. I really love my M&C motolina leather jacket. It’s superbly built, fits snug like a second skin, like a leather jacket should, and the leather is exquisite.

    Thank you designers, you guys knocked this out of the park. Worth every penny.

    written by Scotty on 10. Dec, 2010

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