Let’s face it – as much as we love working on this magazine we also need to eat.

However, first things first – thanks for being, at this point, mildly interested to advertise on The Reference Council, we appreciate it.

We will change this state of mild interest to one of sheer joy shortly.

We have a very dedicated, experienced and technical able staff that continuously works on new concepts for our clients . What we want to achieve with your advertisement is relatively simple. We want for your investment to be as directly beneficial to your business as possible as well as at the same time to speak to your and our target audience in a manner that will be worth remembering, effective, authentic and engaging. Additionally, we also want for your advertisment to be relevant and cohesive to The Reference Council.

Don’t let this put you off – we are more than happy to help you and your business to develop ways and means to work together successfully. We firmly believe that good advertisement is an addition to any publication and we again, appreciate your interest in not only supporting The Reference Council’s mission but also the willingness to try something new.

In any case, please get in touch with us.

Thanks again.


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