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Ralph Lauren Vintage Collectors

Something cool that I came across while I was aimlessly browsing the internet. Perhaps the finest example of a “lifestyle brand” is Ralph Lauren. This section of the Ralph Lauren Vintage website documents the collections those who have truly embraced the Ralph Lauren lifestyle. With each collector comes a different and interesting collecting which highlights rare gems from their past collections.

View them here.

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  2. I have in my possession a 1990 polo sport Ralph Loren Football. I know this item is super rare since I done hours of research on it and only came up with one pic on It is in pristine condition and the bladder in the holds air without any leaks. Before I put this item on E-bay I’m accepting your best offer. Don’t low ball me because I know this football cannot be found on any website I visited. I even called RL customer service and they didn’t even have it on file anymore–records don’t go back that far. They referred me to the website above and I only seen one image of the football by a collector by the last name of Divine. If your interested I can send you some pics, an then an offer must be made. I know I have a jewel that should command top dollar.


    Joe Kulesa

    written by on 25. Apr, 2013

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