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Black Lodges Showroom at (capsule) Berlin

Trade show season is about to kick off and together with our (capsule) friends we thought we would create something a little special for our Berlin edition of the tradeshow.

Graciously, (capsule) agreed to let me and my crew have a little playground within the tradeshow ( January 15-16, Berlin- get it? ) and what we decided is, that for the first since we started Black Lodges in 2006, we are going to have a public space showcasing some of our friends & members of the Lodge. We usually keep that shit to ourselves.

In any case, the deal is that there will be a specific area set aside for us and I am happy to say that the following friends are going to be showing their collections and brands within this showroom.

The Great Frog London. St. Pauli Streetcore. Ehinger Kraftrad. Black Skulls London. Walt.

Now, some of you might ask who these brands are  ( I hope not, but hey ) -

The Great Frog is flat out the best jewellery maker in the world. With stores in London and more recently New York and Los Angeles, these guys are the best there are.

St.Pauli Streetcore is a high end capsule collection based on the infamous football club and district here in Hamburg, made by yours truly.

Ehinger Kraftrad is the motorcycle company you wish you already knew about, with the clothes to match. Seriously.

Black Skulls London is a new-ish clothing brand by two fellas you should know based around their interest in motorcycles and bike culture.

Walt is a great new hat company from Hamburg, and everyone needs a custom made hat.

Now, no Lodge would be complete without a bar, and luckily, our good friends at Sailor Jerry are going to help out with that, by supplying not only their fine product but also a bar, complete with their very own and ever so awesome bar meister, Louis.

Also, and this was dear to my heart, my good friend Sandra, who owns the best, and I mean the fucking best, barber shop here in St.Pauli, Kietzschnitte, will be there, offering the finest mens haircuts- and while we are at it, bring some of her secret pomade, Gooey Louie along.

If that wasn’t enough, and you want to take home some of the spirit after the show, there will be a little general supply store offering some goodies, there is talk of a new Black Lodges T-Shirt, and most importantly, you can purchase a select offering from the master jeweller The Great Frog.

All of this will be furnished by the exceptionally talented and awesome Sarah B. Bolen, who runs one of the best tattoo shops in the world, the Black Mirror Parlor in Berlin.

There you have it. You are all invited to have a look at what we do, have a drink and buy some gear. Oh – and I am serious, I am bringing my guitar, whether you like it or not.

The Black Lodges Showroom at (capsule) Berlin. January 15-16 2013.

Peace. Steven.

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  2. I wish I could have experienced this! Seriously great line up.

    written by Bossman75 on 06. Jun, 2013

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