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80sVinyl Records

The boys at 80s Casuals are well know for their ever-growing collection of nostalgia (and football) inspired clobber. The times of only printed tees are gone, the collection ranges from knits to scarves, jackets etc. All of them quality gear. Time to step up the game again … and launch a record label. We sat down with Dave to talk about 80sVinyl Records.

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  2. Just had a look at the website, and I love what you’re doing. I tried this a few years back and never had the acumen or resources to stick at it. Hope it works for you.

    I DJ’d a set purely with 7″ vinyl a few weeks back. It freaked the kids out, but it does sound better. I’ve even taken to adding a recording of a runout groove to my digital mixes.

    written by Ian on 13. Dec, 2012

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