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(capsule) Berlin In Photos

We were in Berlin last week to put on the third (capsule) show in Berlin- and that’s your disclaimer right here- and I finally found some time from my wasted mind and body to put together some sort of recap of what happened. I am not going to mention the weather, only so much: No matter what you throw at us, dude, we’ll take it and throw it right back at you.

(capsule) was at a new venue for this season, at the Postbahnhof in Berlin and it was the perfect place for us to hold our show. Every time you move locations with any event, people get nervous, especially us, because we don’t know the space as we would it like but as far as I am concerned, this new venue is as perfect as any venue could get.

We had a lot of new exhibitors at the show and happily welcomed a lot of old friends and despite the general feeling out there right now, everyone had a good time, orders were written, fun was had and people enjoyed each others company. The show went on for two days, after the first day we threw a party in our courtyard with Hanni El Khatib, RAF and David “le Duke” and Sailor Jerry. Again, screw you rain.

Seeing that I am still struggling to put cohesive sentences together, let’s just say this: thanks. Thanks to bpmw for being awesome partners, K-Support for being the single most awesome production dudes out there, Iss Kind, Iss for the incredible catering, Ply for their furniture, our interns, most of which came with us from Hamburg to bring some rock to Berlin, the crew at the Postbahnhof and the Fritz Club and obviously, all of our friends and exhibitors for an incredible show.

See you all in January.

All pictures are by Eva Nap Photography ( thank you! )

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