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The Ashtray

I think you reach a certain point in your drinking career where novelty drinks and shots that are not whiskey just become a bad idea or just not fun anymore. Yet every now and again one comes along that makes ya go “ok, that’s something I have never seen or tried”. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Ashtray. Which is literally served, in a real bar ashtray.  It sounds gross, and depending on what you like to drink it may sound gross too.  It’s a great blend of cream, Kahlua, Bailys, Godiva liquor. Its blended and served in an ashtray with chocolate shavings on top to give the ash appearance and a half straw with a bit of paper to resemble a cigarette.  For a guy with a sweet tooth like me, it was a fun change of pace, but not something I would enjoy more than one of.

1.5oz Kahlua

1.5oz Godiva

.75oz Bailys

.75 Cream

Spinkle chocolate shaving on top

Garnish with straw

-by Brian Aufdenberg

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