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Rhubarb and Rye

Last autumn the ladyfriend and I ventured down New Orleans way and had an amazing long weekend in The Big Easy. There was plenty to see, drink, explore, double check, take in, and overall just enjoy being there. On our last night there we made our way for dinner and drinks to Cafe Amelie, located at 912 Royal Street in the French Quarter. It was the perfect temperature outside for a dinner under the stars among other diners and trees filled with candle lit lanterns. It was one of the places where the mood and food are matched perfectly. We had to wait a few minutes for our table and we had no problem making our way to the back of the garden to discover the bar in back. It was a beautiful marble bar with a barkeep named Leo who was ready to make su some great drinks.

The conversation started with him when we notice they serve ROOT, RHUBY, and SNAP from Art in the Age. As a true drinker and a keeper of the spirit making legacy, he was an over the top fan of them as it gives him “one more dimension to use in making drinks”. Not only is he good with the ideas, hes a good judge of character. He looked at me with concern and concentration and asked with a tone of matter of factness “Rye?”

I couldn’t help but admire his skills of perception and full heartedly answered “Perfect!” Leo seemed to smile to him self and said he had the perfect drink for me then. he was again, right on the money. The drink was strong yet flavorful, had depth, and was refreshing. It was everything you want in a pre-dinner cocktail.

Rhubarb and Rye:

1.50oz Bulliet Rye

1.50oz Rhuby

.75oz Aperol

3 dashes House Made Rhubarb Bitters

Mixed and poured into a sold rocks glass over rocks ice. Garnish with lemon. This drinks makes the perfect way to start or end a night with total class and perfection.

- by Brian Aufdenberg

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