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Hangtime Pinot Noir

If I have not mentioned it yet, I am obsessed as of late with American Pinot Noirs.  I have some choice favorites, but I can honestly say I have been into trying any good ones I can get my hands or wallet on. In the past, I wrote them off with out trying to many, and boy was I wrong. Since I have been taking a more dedicated look and study of all the wines of the world the blinders have come off and I have made some great discoveries. This Pinot Noir from Hangtime is one of those great revelations.

I had just settled into my hotel in Boston after a long drive then made my way to the hotel bar for a drink and the bar tender recommended this, and it was a taste this tired traveler was very much in need of (You can read about the trip here: http://thevastparlor.com/2012/03/13/wicked-smooth-start-in-boston/ ).  When poured it had that great vivid red I love in a good Pinot that was matched in its vivid red fruit nose with light hints of spice and a touch of pepper. It was backed up with the same profile on the palate with a great long finish.  It was low in tannins and medium acidity. It was great to drink solo, but would go great with food as well. Overall, a great wine, and priced in the states at about fifteen bucks a bottle, well worth it for any occasion.

-by Brian Aufdenberg

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