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On KONY 2012

Ah nothing better than a “press a button to make the world a better place” social media campaign to get the young generation in a twist and shout contest about how bad the world is. Ok- before I get into it- I agree in principle that Mr. Kony is one bad motherfucker. What he has done and is doing is wrong. However, I have some serious, serious questions about the Invisible Children Foundation and this KONY2012 campaign.

First off all, and this really got me angry last night watching their twitter feed ( images and screenshots below ) is the fact that the entire campaign is ignoring the fact that KONY is a militant CHRISTIAN, who, in his mind, is doing his God’s work. Now, the campaign is trying to plug into the militant and extremely superficial Christian mood in the US to gain support. Woah. I mean, whatever insanity SSanatorium ( no spelling mistake ) is saying is bad enough, but this?

Secondly, why now? This conflict has been going on for over 20 years. Why is this foundation pressuring the US now to get behind this, especially, since the US government is not a signatory to the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Hence why get involved in something you don’t agree to uphold?

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