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Graveyard: Live In Hamburg

Last night Graveyard kicked off their German part of the tour in the only proper Swedish invading Viking hard rocking style possible. Graveyard, veterans of the Swedish rock, doom , folk and blues scene starting putting tunes out under said name around 2008 if I remember correctly and since then fans like myself, have been blessed by some of the best psychedelic, bluesy, hard rock since a long fucking time.

Last nights gig was a testament to their long history of being touring musicians- the professionalism, the fun and the sheer craft involved in what happened last night is only something you can achieve if you have a shit load of talent and practice as a band. So aside from the critical aspect of this review, let em tell you this, I am still buzzing from this gig, I am talking serious buzz overload of awesomeness.

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  2. Love Graveyard and other bands like Witchcraft…. any other bands like this that you can recommend? I find it’s hard for me because I don’t like these tunes too metaled out or too easy going. Right in the middle!

    written by Work the Angle on 25. Mar, 2012

  3. you might want to try out another swedish band called horision – good stuff

    written by Steven on 27. Mar, 2012

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