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Mark Lanegan Band “Blues Funeral” Free Stream

Mark Lanegan is to rock what Tom Waits is to Jazz, genius. It’s been a long time since his last solo work “Bubblegum” came out, and whilst some of his collaborations were amazing ( Gutter Twins ) I was never all that stoked on the work he did with Isobel Campbell- I mean, they were ok, but nowhere near his solo work. To make matters worse, the one interview I did with Mark a few years ago was also the worst interview I had to ever conduct- it would define awkward and shitty in any dictionary. Nonetheless, his work is mindblowing. His forthcoming album “Blues Funeral” is no exception, if anything it is an amazing evolution from “Bubblegum”, after a few listens I dare say it is better.

Thanks Kasha for the heads up.

The album is being streamed here.

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