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Just as Le Duke offers a great white table wine, it also has a text book example of what a French red table wine should be. The Le Duke Cuve Moderne Rouge is mild, a touch sweet but not over powering, good oily and smooth finish, low acid and just crisp enough when served at room temperature. We had this with some good old fashioned burgers and Pomme de Terre and it was an over all win. Just like with the Blanc, go to Marseille and drink this at Le Duke and send me a thank you email.

-by Brian Aufdenberg

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  2. Hold on ! coming soon the new stickers! trust me if you tasted the wine a few months ago taste it now again, you will be amazed, the wine was bottled in May, it was pretty good but now it’s so good, wine had a wonderful rest, outstanding.
    thanks for the wine grower, wine is in his blood and i’m working with him, all together, great relation as with David and all the band, we do our best for every single client to make sure eveyone get a smile, Aurelie

    written by Aurelie Flammang on 29. Sep, 2011

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