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Osama Bin Laden Killed. A First Commentary.

Like everyone else I know I woke up this morning to the news that US Special Forces had killed Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan. Oddly, my first reaction, prior to reading the news, checking twitter and the likes was one of complete emptiness, and feeling that this event was irrelevant. In a way, I shrugged it off, made coffee, shaved and got ready for the day. It took a little while for it to sink in and I am sure it will take a little while longer to sink in. So, what the US set out to do 10 years ago they now achieved. In all honesty I don’t even remember if Osama Bin Laden actually claimed responsibility for 9/11 but after ten years of the corrupted media onslaught, I guess it is fact now.

So is the war on terror now over? Of course it is not, but that was the first question that came to my pre-coffee infused mind. I would like it to be. The cost of human lives, destabilization of whole regions for Bush Jr.’s war on terror is sickening but this train of thought is actually not about that. It’s more about the reactions from all around the world in regards to the news. Rationally, I understand that a lot of people are cheering and are happy about the death of this man. I hope that it means closure to a lot of people. I genuinely mean that. I know enough people that have directly suffered because of 9/11 and I hope this death means something to them. However, I cannot in the same breath, ignore the cost of human suffering that has been caused leading up to this.

I wish, they would have brought Osama bin Laden in to face a jury, stand trial and get convicted. I wish they could have put him on trial to show the world what he was: a sick, crazy old man with a liver problem, no better than your average thug, because, now, he is guaranteed to be a martyr to a lot of people that we don’t need to encourage. I am not happy about his death, I can never be happy, exultant and especially celebrating for the violent death of someone – it’s something that I can’t align with my inner ethics and morals. Again, I am not judging those that did, each to their own, but this is where I stand. The price for this event is totally out of proportion and didn’t make the world a better place. Right now, I just want this lunacy of a war on a name ended.

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