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False: Original Anarchist

The latest season from FALSE is a great evolution in term of products. From the new Original Anarchist accessories including the O/A Rebels,FOR Denim vest to the Bondage Bear. Traditionally, FALSE had used apparels like T-Shirt to spread its idealism as it is efficient in communicating and spreading messages in the form of graphic and words.How does all these new product line fall into the strategy ofcontinuing communicating the FALSE message, or are they just a naturalprogression of product line expansion in the apparel industry (i.e a business evolution) ?

We have made similar product in the past from reconstructed chucks to reconstructed M-65 Jackets along with hand-screened skate decks and such. Working in a very unorthodox module we like to allow ourselves at FALSE the creative flair and option of adding and subtracting from season to season giving our works their own genuine nature. Leftfield from most traditional brands that work on lines sometimes 18 months in advance and cater to a wide variety of product ranges to cater to their retailers segregated budgets we work only 3 months into a line release and only release what we like, the overall message and aesthetic guides the lines range of products. This season we’re really happy to bring a new medium in genuine leather handmade goods as we’ve been sharpening our handy-work in leather for over the past 1 year. The result has proven well and we look to bring it forward into our other seasons in the future. At FALSE we’re proud to not be constrained by industry standards in methods of selling our produce and look to our releases with as much leftfield flair as any artist would each time one creates a body of work.

How does  a product like the O/A Rebel and the Bondage Bear first conceived , and how does it evolve and mutate according to the FALSE concept/idealism without confusing the end users of what you are trying to communicate through them ?

O/A Rebels were just an evolution of its predecessor our FALSE Liberators, our 1st reconstructed chucks we did in 2007. I like to only create goods that I personally would find use for. This season the O/A Rebels worked really well just as an addition to our entire movements footsteps, look for a variation of its aesthetics in our S/S 2011. Bondage Bear is just a fun product we made for friends and family on the side, something humorous that many eventually pushed us into marketing as an entire range of hand-made novelty lifestyle toys. It’s a future fiction rendition of the famous Paddington Bear after he crashes from his teen celebrity career! FALSE in a sense is quite a serious brand with our message and activist movement, it’s good to be able to bring in some smiles and laughs to the label. It’s been real fun for me designing them, it’s very important to us that we enjoy all creative processes of our work, I go by a module of if it stops being fun, it stops being done. I have some seriously weird quirky versions coming out in the new year, that i’m really excited about!

I feel our end users get the whole movement and messages hidden within each item we put out (including the novelty items) along with their process of creation, as always 90% of our output is vertically made in house and that’s the FALSE H.Q, by Amanda S. and myself along with help every now and then from a few assistants and friends of ours. No mass production in under-wages factories, we work predominantly with American Apparel (100% vertically integrated production in Los Angeles) and we oversee all aspects from inception to culmination sparing no mind to our costs involved in creating an ethically based quality product. For our reconstructed items like chucks and jackets, etc we imbue the item with as much hands on work in reconstruction to justify it’s release as a FALSE hand-done item. Our tees and crews get produced by us at 5 times the normal price of a normal factory run mass produced tee. I may dare say we’re one of the only brands out now that continue to run a module in this fashion, most other brands would not find it viably cost effective and profitable.

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