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False: Original Anarchist

How would you define a post modern Anarchist ? What will be his beliefs and reaction to the modern world and its happening ? And how do you define “Original Anarchist”,  a constant mentioned term in FALSE message.

The FALSE post modern Anarchist is an individual that has the ability to reactively see the illusions put in front of him or her. He/she actively seeks answers to questions left un-answered.  He/she seeks to create a disruption in the system by merely showing the alternative answers to everyday questions. He/she looks to incept an idea and have that idea build within individuals. A modern day activist that knows it is not through force in which we can make a change, but merely through choice. The choice to consume, the choice to be apart of the a systems illusions, the  choice to make a difference and lead by example, the choice to voice not through senseless noise but through knowledge.

Our latest line Original Anarchist is a theme I built in relation to the various leaders in the schools of anarchist thought. From the big scholarly names to the entertainers and the creatives right down to the mystical and scientific anarchists through-out the century. The rebels with a cause, the ones who know not to fight a system but to actively exploit it.

In all reality we look to just bridge positivity into a negative realm, to remove the blindfolds put upon people by corporations and their elite for the soul purpose of profit and greed. We look at ourselves as the Zeitgeist generation, when told the truth behind a lie, one can’t but sit, be silent sit still and eventually die, one truly only has the option of spreading and divulging those truths to who ever will listen.

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