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Eat Dust. One For The Road.

Eat Dust is a new brand based in Antwerp, Belgium started by two close friends of mine. Rob and Keith constitute the Belgian Black Lodges Chapter and aside from the brotherhood that binds us, these guys are two true originals. Raised on a (un)healthy dose of skateboarding, punk rock, more fashion industry experience than most of us reading this can muster, these two custom motorcycle fanatics know what they are doing. Have no illusion, their seeming mellow and unassuming nature is based on a ton of experience and a passion for what they have been involved in for over twenty years that should define authenticity. Over the last few visits I have made to the chapter, we have all talked a lot of about making Eat Dust a reality and I always find it fascinating seeing true talent and passion turn into reality. It’s one thing day dreaming about starting your own brand and another actually doing it. Combining their skills and knowledge with a real passion in riding their bikes, loving good music, drinking and having fun, Eat Dust, really embodies the spirit of DIY culture in a way that I haven’t seen in over ten years.

On my last visit to Antwerp, Rob, Keith and I spent an evening in their garage surrounded by several Harley’s that would make DICE magazine cry out in joy, with a good amount of Sailor Jerry’s, smokes and cold beers. 3 hours later and the subsequent 4 hour edit turned into the interview below.

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  1. 6 comments for “Eat Dust. One For The Road.”

  2. Great work from some true authentic guys !
    Can’t wait to live a pair myself.

    written by Peter on 30. Jul, 2010

  3. Looking forward to wear one, even when I have to travel for it to get one.

    written by Hans on 06. Aug, 2010

  4. nice looking denim– but i’m not feeling the pocket design.

    written by Paul on 16. Nov, 2010

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