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Field Notes memo books

The first time the Field Notes brand came to my attention was on our The Reference Council team-meeting in January ’10, when Ian had one of those books (so thanks Mr. Paley).


The Field Notes memo books come in 8,9cm*13,9cm format and with plain, graph or lined paper. Each book sports 48 pages. The cover consists of a durable looking, brown, thick paper with a nice text-only print. The overall look&feel of the book is rugged and down to earth. The inner pages of the cover leave space for some info on the owner (name, start of use etc.) and give some more info on “practical applications” of the book or the materials used. The amount of detail and passion that went into the creation of these little books is impressive. You want an example? Ok. They use the Futura typeface (excellent choice) by Paul Renner exclusively. The cover-print is done in “Dachshundnose black”. The brown background is in “Double Knee Duck Canvas”. I love it.


But it does not stop there. Every order comes loaded with some additional goodies, in my case a pencil, a thick rubber band, a sticker, a pin and a nice A5 calendar, all in the typical Field Notes style and with an equal amount of quality-feeling. Really nice and at a really decent price.


Surf the Field Notes HQ and order your threepack today.

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